What is the Daily Action Planner? 

The Daily Action Planner is an organizational and success tool to help people save time, be 10 times more productive, and savor life. It appeals to multi-tasking women who have a lot going on... and need to pack a lot into one day. It has sold out six times since its launch in May of 2013. It is designed for a month-at-a-time so that you can quickly reference each month as needed.

It's perfect for the busy entrepreneur, on-the-go mom, managers, and other professionals who need a system to "remember it all" for prioritizing the day. 

It was designed by Savor the Success founder, Angela Jia Kim, to organize her "Gorgeous Chaos". 

The Daily Action Planner Story from Angela Jia Kim on Vimeo.


What is The Manifest Method? 

The Manifest Method is a system to get your dreams out of your head and into your hands using 5 simple (and fun) steps: Savor, Dream, Plan, Do, Track. It's helps you to get your ideas out of your head and into your hands in order to share with the world, which is the premise of any successful and profitable business and career.

The method has helped thousands of women entrepreneurs (from startups to 8-figure moguls) to find out "what they are meant to do with their lives" and simplify their trajectory toward success by leading from that source. Manifest Method grads gain success more quickly because they are living "in the zone" and are having much more fun with work and life! 

Every fall, Manifest Method School launches so you can learn the principles of manifesting along with a community of other "manifestors" who bring amazing ideas to life! 

Why is the Daily Action Planner a month-at-a-time system? 

The Daily Action Planner is designed to fit into the busy entrepreneur's on-the-go lifestyle. It is lightweight so you can carry with you to business meetings, in a diaper bag, or with your laptop.

If we tried to put an entire year into the planner, it would be so bulky and heavy that it would become impractical to get things done. 

However, due to our loyal fans' request, we recently came out with our 90-Day Action Planner with weekly tabs! The first batch sold out within a week and has become the go-tool success tool for busy people. 

Can I get my Daily Action Planner auto-shipped to me on a monthly basis? 

This is our most frequently asked request, and we promise that we are working on it! 

What are the tools available for the Manifest Method? 

We have numerous tools to help people bring an idea into reality: 

  • Daily Action Planner: A month-at-a-time planner to get organized and be 10 Xs more productive
  • 90-Day Action Planner: 3 months with tabs to keep you on track week after week. 
  • Manifest Method School: An 8-week LIVE course with founder Angela Jia Kim. The course starts on September 8, 2014! 
  • Savor Success Circles: Accountability groups of 4 people. Has been called the Match.com meets Weight Watchers: you are matched into groups of 4 according to chemistry and while you don't lose weight, you gain success using accountability and SavorPoints™. This website platform was voted as Forbes "Best 100 Websites for Women" in 2013.

Can I interview Angela Jia Kim for my publication? 

All press requests can go to our PR Desk